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Juicing & All Raw Meal Plan DIGITAL DOWNLOAD



With this Meal Plan, I lost 17lbs in 30 days! I continued and lost 20 more lbs for a total of 37lbs lost before 90 days! Initially, some of the loss was water or fluid, but the majority of the loss was pure body fat. Juicing and consuming Raw foods allows you to detox, cleanse and get all the nutrients and vitamins that are lost when food is cooked. If you want to see changes, and you’re willing to MAKE changes, THIS is the Meal Plan you’ve been looking for! This is not a book but rather a Plan that cuts right to the chase. It’s tried and true!  -Sheila.


Includes: Meal Plan, Fresh Juice Recipes, Grocery List, Tips for Success and more!

For best detox results, 30 Days is recommended.


**Added bonus: 21-Day Workout Plan enhances the already amazing benefits of this Meal Plan!

Juicing & All Raw Meal Plan DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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