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Check out my First Podcast interview!!

I talk about my strong passion for inspiring others especially those struggling with weight issues with Host Nicky from C2C. After being morbidly obese with Hypothyroidism, Arthritis, HBP and Cancer, I share my journey to lose 162 lbs and commit to a new lifestyle.

Watch the video of the podcast here: or listen with the audio version via iTunes or Spotify.


trapped inside myself

Book Signing Interview!

One of the higlights of my Book Signing was my interview with PR Professional Pam Perry at Teasers in Detroit. Check it out!

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Trapped Inside Myself

Now Availible in Toledo Library!

I grew Up in the library. I went after school almost everyday to read books. I was always excited to learn something or experience a new adventure through the eyes of the author. My very first job was in Edison Branch Library in Detroit. I loved the Smell of the books and was honored to be paid $82 a wk to shelve them. Now look! My own book rests on the shelves of the place I love.
I am honored to tears.
I wanted my book here for someone to read that I may not otherwise reach. 
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