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"Peacock Detox" 3-Day Juice Cleanse MEAL PLAN

We all indulge a little more during the holidays. Also, the New Year inspires us to make a fresh start. The Peacock Detox Cleanse is a perfect way to do it with delicious, beautiful and healthy juices!


* 3-Day Cleansing Meal Plan
* Recipes for 3 Detox Juice Blends
* Recipe for Jag Ginger Shots

Grocery List

* Tips for Success


* Improve your digestion   * Eliminate Toxins

* Healthy weight loss           * Boost your energy

* Decrease inflammation    * Boost immunity

* Glowing skin.                        * Mental clarity

* Reduce stress                      * Improve sleep

* Boost your mood                * Establish new healthy habits!

"Peacock Detox" 3-Day Juice Cleanse MEAL PLAN

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