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Juicing with She Jag II;
Fun & Fruity Edition

Juicing with She Jag

Trapped Inside Myself

About the Books


Struggles are universal. At some point, everyone finds themselves in a struggle but usually only temporarily. But what if you’re stuck there? Get ready to enter the pages and life of Sheila’s personal struggles two decades in morbid obesity – trapped in a body robbing her of life. Even while dealing with physical, mental and spiritual matters, she fought her way out of the body that was keeping her imprisoned in pain. She shares her transparent testimony of defining moments that led her to wake up and make one of the biggest decisions of her life – to save her life!


Whether you have a serious illness and are looking for relief or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, Juicing with She Jag can help get you on your way! Having conquered morbid obesity and thriving while still living with cancer, Sheila shares her testimonial on what led her to begin a Juicing Journey. She attributes the Amazing benefits of juicing as a major contribution to her 160 lb. weight loss maintenance and her practically non-detectable cancer status.